Music with Year 8

Although this semester was not without any challenges or obstacles, the Year 8 students proved that they were a force to be reckoned with.

After learning how to play the basic chords on the ukulele during the first term, they got introduced to the wonderful world of buckets, not realizing how amazing these everyday objects really are!  Who would have thought that depending on the size of the bucket, the object you use to hit it with and where it is being hit would all change the outcome of the sound being produced.  With the catchy rhythms of ‘500 Miles’ and ‘The Greatest Show’ all the students had a great time exploring their bucket drumming skills.

Body percussion was also a great hit among the students during lock down when instruments weren’t freely available.  There were some interesting and creative sound effects produced by a few students!

Well done Year 8, you are amazing.

Mrs Muller

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