A Hammer!

Have you ever experienced a random act of kindness? Has a stranger unexpectedly blessed you somehow without expecting anything in return? If you have then you will know what a nice feeling it is when it occurs. There is something about a small, random act that leaves you feeling better about humanity, and better about your day!

Last weekend, my middle son Ben went on a visit to a local hardware store with his Nan. Ben is a keen young builder who has been anxious to start building his tool collection so he can really start making some cool stuff. I can assure you that testing the structural integrity of random items around our house is a common occurrence…! Whilst at the store, Ben and Nan were talking with one of the employees who was very helpful in showing Ben all the different types of tools he could use. That was very kind of him, however what really made Ben’s day was when the employee actually gave Ben a hammer that he paid for out of his own pocket! Ben was beside himself and couldn’t believe that he now had his very own hammer!

As a parent, I love hearing stories like this. It really doesn’t take much to randomly bless someone through a small act of kindness, but the impact can last a lifetime. For all the things Jesus did on earth, there is one theme linking them all together; kindness. Jesus was kind to everyone, whether they deserved it or not. Can I remind you that Jesus doesn’t love you because of what you have done, He loves you because of who you are. To Jesus, you are His and valuable beyond words. If we aren’t careful, we can really over-complicate this Christianity thing. Let’s remember that when we strip all the different doctrines, theologies and opinions away, we are left with the core mission to love God, love people and show kindness always.

What can you do today to live out this call of Jesus? You don’t have to be in ‘ministry’ to be doing God’s work. A random act of kindness will do just nicely. Buy someone a coffee, pick up the phone to check up on someone, smile, or maybe even buy someone a hammer.

Have a great week PCS.

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