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Several months ago, a craft club was established at the school. The aim of the club was to produce pieces of art and craft that could be used as entries to the local shows and to provide children who love art and craft an avenue to hone their skills, meet with like minded students and have fun. Unfortunately the local shows have been cancelled this year, but that has not stopped us from creating some nice items.

This week children were busy making reindeers – it’s never too early for making Christmas decorations. They have also spent some time making cross stitches, soft toys and cards.

The club meets on Wednesday at lunch time as soon as our eating time is over. Over the coming months, we will make more decorations, complete some sand art and a variety of other crafts. Some of our work that we had been saving for the show (complete and incomplete) has been sent home, for children to enjoy with their families.

Mrs Greenland

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