A Little bit of Kindness goes a Long Way!

The Primary school students never stop to amaze the teachers with their ideas, eagerness and kindness towards others.

Last week during recess I had the privilege of showing a prospective family around our school. As we stopped to discuss the library and playground equipment, the child was captivated by the students playing on the slide. One parent commented on how peaceful and calm everyone was playing and interacting with each other. The other parent commented on how great it was to hear music playing to set a fun atmosphere in the playground.

While these conversations were had, the child remained watching the students going up and down the slide. To my great delight a Kindergarten student had the idea to walk over, kindly smile and introduce themselves and then asked if the child would like to play on the slide.

The child and parent followed and enjoyed a turn on the slide happily interacting with the other PCS students in doing so.

After this interaction both parents were impressed by the culture of students here at PCS.

With all the changes and restrictions occurring in the world at present, it is wonderful to know that here at PCS, there are no changes in terms of positive ideas towards others, eagerness to act on these ideas, and demonstrating kindness to others.

Whether it is helping someone to be successful in spelling a word, solving an algorithm, inviting them to join in a game or including students of all ages to a hand ball game – PCS students show kindness and citizenship to each other everyday.

As teachers we could not be more proud!

Keep up the fantastic work Primary, you will be a blessing to more people than you will ever know.

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