Fundraising for Compassion

We have not been able to have some of the events planned this year to help raise the support for our PCS sponsor children, so we are looking for ways to help. Here are some things you could do at home:

  • Donating Return and Earn money
  • Having a coin jar to put in loose change – check out my mum with her 10 cent jar – she puts all her 10 cent coins in a jar and is donating it to our kids; this jar has $60 in it which is more than a month’s sponsorship for one child

We are keen for suggestions of ways that we can work together as a school community to help gather support – in a COVID safe way! Students can add a suggestion to the Be the Change classroom – or you can email in ideas to Miss Harris at [email protected].

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Get In Touch

For all enquiries please call the school office on 02 6862 4164 or send us a message.