Technology with Years 7 and 8

In Stage 4 Technology (Mandatory) students are completing a unit of work for each of the four modules. These modules are Agriculture and Food Technologies, Digital Technologies, Material Technologies, and Engineered Systems. Stage 4 Technology students have been placed into four different classes of Year 7 boys, Year 7 girls, Year 8 boys and Year 8 girls.

The module of Engineered Systems offers students the opportunity to design, produce and evaluate a number of engineered projects, by focusing on how the force, motion and energy can be used in a system, machine or structure. Students have experimented and developed prototypes to test their solutions.

For the first project students researched, designed and constructed a pinball machine. They explored different pinball designs and modified designs to incorporate available materials. The second project was a rubber band racer. The students were able to compete to see which racer went the furthest. For the assessable project student designed, constructed, tested and evaluated a catapult prototype.

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