An Extraordinary Legacy

For nearly 40 years, Parkes Christian School has been the beneficiary of extraordinary acts of generosity and kindness. One such man who was integral in the establishment of PCS was Elwyn Baker, who sadly passed away a couple weeks ago. Many of us didn’t know Elwyn and might not be familiar with the role he played in the early days of this school. As such, I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to recognise Elwyn, his contribution and familiarise you with another great chapter in the history of PCS.

In 1981, Elywn Baker donated 6.5 acres of land for the establishment of Parkes Christian School. Not only did Elwyn donate his own land, but he also worked as the first Board Chairman to oversee the very first building program. Known for his incredible work ethic and generosity, Elwyn along with many others, saw the school move from an empty paddock in August of 1981, to a completed building with classrooms, furniture and utilities, ready for the start of school in February of 1982. Such was the generosity of Elwyn and all those involved, that Parkes Christian School began debt free. What an extraordinary achievement, especially as PCS was the first of its kind west of the Blue Mountains.

Elwyn didn’t seek recognition for his generosity, he simply believed in something bigger than himself and was prepared to work hard and make sacrifices to see it come to fruition for the glory of God and the benefit of others. It is another story of God’s faithfulness and the extraordinary work of many at Parkes Christian School.

As time goes on, we need to work hard to ensure we don’t lose sight of where we have come from, through recognising and celebrating our rich past. There have been so many contributions over the years, with each playing a role, however the story of PCS isn’t over! Let’s not forget that what we do now will have lasting effects for years to come. What legacy are each of us going to leave behind? Can I challenge each of us to be people who use whatever we have, no matter how small, to invest in the lives of others so that they might be blessed and encouraged.

So we acknowledge the late Elwyn Baker, his wife Joy and his children Julie, Terry, Karen and Tricia. Thank you for your contribution to Parkes Christain School. The generosity of your family has resulted in the blessing of so many over nearly four decades with many more to come. We pray God’s richest blessing and favour over you all in the months and years ahead. What an extraordinary legacy.

How exciting it is for all of us to be part of the ongoing story of Parkes Christian School.

Have a great week everyone,


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