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The year 9/10 PASS class has been learning about the area of coaching in Sport. Their assessment for this unit is to plan a coaching session with a fellow classmate on their chosen sport. They then have to run this session with the rest of the class early this term and are assessed on their planning and coaching skills. Each pair is expected to plan and run a warm up session together with the class for 10 minutes. They then have to individually plan and teach a skill which is related to their chosen sport for 10 minutes each and then run a skills-based game together using both skills that have been taught. A cool-down session is then conducted with the class to complete their prac assessment.

Students are graded on their well thought out lesson plan, which is handed in the day before, as well as their coaching abilities throughout the session.

Tyler and Logan’s Gridiron (NFL) coaching session was one of the first ones in the class to take place. The boys did a fantastic job displaying a great deal of natural coaching abilities and the class thoroughly enjoyed participating in the session and learning more about the sport.

Well done boys!

Mrs Wilson

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