Young Leaders are Amazing Individuals!

The Primary Captains and Vice Captains have been leading the Primary School throughout this topsy turvy year in front of students and behind the scenes worthy of their position.

This year the Primary Captains and Vice Captains jobs have been affected by the restrictions to assembly, attending the GRIP leadership conference in Dubbo, excursions and other events held at school being cancelled.

Their responsibilities may have been diminished, however the leadership qualities they display and the role within the Primary School they hold, have not. The students conduct themselves each day within the classroom and playground worthy of the badge they wear.

Last week the Primary Captains and Vice Captains were back in front of the 15 minute Primary Assembly, leading the students in devotions. They were well prepared and spoke with confidence.

At PCS, all the Year 6 students are asked  to carry themselves as a leader whether they wear a badge or not. This current Year 6 cohort, lives up to that standard. It is fabulous to see the Year 6 class winning the school uniform prize regularly, completing jobs with respect, speaking with politeness and encouraging the younger students in the playground and at sporting events to do their best. These leadership qualities will continue to grow and create a whole school all students will be proud of.

Given opportunities, young leaders can do amazing things and create a community we all want to be part of.

Thank you Year 6 and Primary Captains for doing your best throughout this topsy turvy year!

Mrs Harris

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