What’s Your Value?

My wife and I have recently re-joined the overwhelming world of the real estate market in the last few weeks. After renovating our home, we decided it was time to think about putting it on the market and seeing if we could buy something a bit more suited to our needs.

It all gets overwhelming for me because there are so many questions to be answered. I’m ok at answering questions, but I like time to think about my answers, and sometimes with real estate you have to think very fast!

One of the trickiest questions for me is how much to put a house on the market for. It’s hard to work out how much something is worth. Naturally we started looking online at other houses that are similar to ours, and even going to some open inspections to have a look in person.

However, I soon realised it doesn’t matter what price people put on a house, what really matters is how much it sells for.

After all, someone could put their house on the market for a million dollars and say they own a million dollar house! But if no one buys it, then it has no value. A recent news article grabbed headlines when it said that the new Playstation 5 was selling on ebay for $35,000! But selling was not the right word. There was one listed at $35,000 but no one had bought it.

And this is the real trick. I realised we need to get the price of our house just right. Too low and we will lose out, too high and no one will want to buy it.

As people we are often the same. Sometimes we don’t believe in ourselves enough and we undervalue ourselves. Sometimes we get too impressed with ourselves and think we’re better than we are.

But in life we have the perfect solution – place our lives in God’s hands and we will always get our value just right.

God was willing to pay the price of his only son for us, so we are worth everything to him. We can never undervalue ourselves when we know that God loves us, and if we are genuine about having God at the centre of our lives, we will never overvalue ourselves either.

Have a great week and remember… YOU are valued!

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