Happy Easter PCS!

I have very distinct memories of Easter as a child. Church services, fish on Good Friday, school holidays and trying to ration easter eggs out to make them last longer than my sister and brothers’ eggs. Egg rationing was a big deal in my household. For some strange reason beating siblings was somehow more satisfying than just enjoying some chocolate whenever you felt like it for a day or two! My parents would always read us the Easter story and I would be amazed at hearing a story where someone was actually killed but then rose to life three days later. This story was different to many other Bible stories and certainly a lot different to the usual Roald Dahl or Enid Blyton adventures that used to feature at bedtime. For many years I was intrigued by this Easter story, but it remained just that, a story.

Have you heard the saying ‘we do what we believe’? The American author Dr. Glen Shultz describes our actions as the manifestation of our belief system. What we perceive as truth forms our beliefs, our beliefs form our values and our values drive our actions. In other words, our actions are a reflection of what we value and what we believe. It wasn’t until I was a late teen that I shifted from seeing the Easter story as just a story, to an actual event; and not just an event, but a life altering moment in history that has a direct impact on me over 2000 years later. It was that moment that has forever shaped my beliefs and in turn, my actions.

I believe that Jesus was a real man. I believe that He came to this earth as the Son of God; died a cruel death on a cross and was buried in a tomb. I believe that three days later He rose from the dead and ascended into Heaven where He still lives. I believe that the significance of this event is unparalleled to any other in history. Easter is the moment where a universe creating God would demonstrate the enormity of His love for us through offering His own Son as a sacrifice, so that we might be saved. I believe that God sees me and sees you as unique, valuable and precious to Him. There is nothing you can do to make God love you more and nothing to make Him love you less. I believe that for you and for me there is purpose attached to our lives through what Jesus did on the cross. The invitation for a relationship has been issued, and it is up to us to respond.

It is this belief that drives our actions as a staff at PCS. As a school, our mission is to not only equip students with the skills and knowledge to succeed academically, but to work with you, the families to instil the beliefs and values that will see PCS students grow into strong young men and women eager to make a positive impact on this world through their actions. What better time is there than Easter for all of us to stop and reflect on what we really believe. Is it just a great story, or is it the defining moment where Jesus showed you just how valuable you are?

Happy Easter everyone.


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