An Olympics with Real Spirit!

Some of you may be a bit over the Tokyo Olympics, but I love it! My love affair with the Olympics began way back in 1984 when my parents bought our first ever VCR so we could record all the events occurring overnight in LA. To be honest, I was more taken with the VCR than the Olympics, but I thought it was pretty cool and Dad let me stay up as late as I could manage as long as I was quiet and watched properly.

As I got older I discovered it was all about cheering for the Aussies to win gold… and I loved it. Then Sydney came along and I realised that it was really all about people from all over the world coming together and celebrating the amazing athletes being the best that they could possibly be… and I loved it! Especially when Australia won.

These days, I am older and less competitive, and I am truly enjoying these Olympics as a triumph of the human spirit. I know that sounds super cheesy, but for me it’s true. I have enjoyed these games almost as much as Sydney, because to me, it seems like there has been such a wonderful camaraderie between all the athletes. To see them compete so hard against each other, but then genuinely celebrate each other’s successes and sympathise with the ones who lose… I just don’t remember an Olympics like it.

COVID has changed our world in many ways, but I think the Olympics has benefited greatly. The athletes realise they’re lucky to be there. They realise they’re representing all the people of their countries who have done it tough over the past 18 months. They are so grateful to be competing, that striving to be their best has completely overcome the obsession to win at all costs.

These Olympics have been a wonderful example for our students to follow. Work hard, make sacrifices, be dedicated to reach your goals, and the rewards will come. And the reward isn’t necessarily being THE best, but being YOUR best.

I’m going to miss these Olympics, but I truly hope that their spirit of good, honest competition and striving to be your best stays with our students for a long time to come.


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