Lights.. Camera.. Action!

The heart of every teacher is to keep quality education going no matter what medium of delivery. PCS has enjoyed four weeks of face to face learning this term and this week teachers effortlessly switched to At Home Learning within a day.

Teachers and support staff were all hands on deck on Monday to create and distribute a week’s worth of lessons. The whole staff pitched in and like a well oiled machine, by 3.00pm resource packs were being handed out to parents in their cars.

From Tuesday onwards the cameras were up, microphones were on and the lighting set to film next week’s lessons in preparation as the lockdown continues. Teacher aides busily created resources and worksheets to accompany the filmed lessons while teachers shook off the stage fright in front of the cameras again. 

Every teacher here at PCS is preparing their best in front of the camera to ensure the students receive the quality instruction they deserve if the lockdown continues.

In these changing circumstances it is great to see the whole staff come together for the students even when there are only a handful of students on site. Teachers are still working tirelessly for the students they can’t see back through the camera. It is also fabulous to see the joy and fun teachers are putting into their films from the use of green screens, flash mobs and voice overs to make their At-Home lessons engaging for the students. 

No matter where you are learning this week, know that the staff here at PCS are working hard to keep students engaged and delivering quality lessons either live or on camera.

I am ready for my close up!


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