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This week, I thought everyone might enjoy a light-hearted distraction. I decided to use my article to help you all get to know the high school staff a bit better, and expose the secret truth – teachers actually have lives outside of school!!! I know! Crazy right?
I have talked to many senior students over the years about their dreams and goals, and they are often surprised to hear that there are members of staff who share their passions, or even have experience in their dream job. I’m sure I speak for all staff when I say that teaching here at PCS is a huge part of our lives, and we are driven by playing a role in shaping the future generations. However, we all have other hobbies, interests, passions and skills outside our regular job and the subjects we teach.
I would encourage all students to read through the responses in this article and see if any of the staff have a secret talent or life experience that may align with something you’re interested in. If they do, make sure you have a chat (or shoot them an email) and you may be surprised by how much they can help you.
I asked the high school teachers two questions:
1. What is something completely unrelated to what you teach that you are really awesome at?
2. If you weren’t a teacher, what job would you do?

Mr Quince
1: Ok, two things – sports officiating and helping run church. 
2: If it wasn’t for being a teacher I probably would have been on the Australian first class panel for umpiring Cricket, but I am too old for that now so probably would work in our church. Or an astronomical observer.

Mrs Wynstra
1. I would enjoy working on costumes for ballet and theatre productions. 
2. If I was not a teacher I would be a KonMari organisation consultant. 

Mr Brown
1. I’m pretty good at fixing and tinkering with computers, and I am ok at drawing.
2. If we’re talking about any conceivable job regardless of qualifications or pay rate, professional session musician or music producer!

Mrs van Wyk
1. I am not too bad at baking sweet stuff (I did teach it in South Africa).
2. Going back to managing a B&B or a Private Game Reserve (previous jobs before teaching).

Miss Barrass
1. I think I am good at building Lego projects. I enjoy doing it in my spare time.
2. I think I would make a good farmer. I enjoy being outdoors and getting my hands dirty.

Mr Wynstra
1. I would be awesome at being an architect, specialising in eco design – log houses perched on the edge of cliffs. 
2. I would be into furniture remakery, restoration and repurpose.

Miss Oates
1. I’m really awesome at developing short term obsessions with things and learning everything I can about it before moving into the next thing. Current obsession: Greek mythology.
2. I was enrolled in a law degree first and then completed a business degree so maybe lawyer or business owner. What I’d like to do is write for TV shows!

Mrs Milne
1. I am really good at encouraging people and making connections.
2. I can run a pretty slick meeting so maybe a professional meeting chairperson!

Miss Harris
1. I don’t say that I am an awesome baker, but my friends say I have quite the touch. I am also fluent in movie and book quotes – and am quite handy on a trivia night table.
2. If not a teacher I would be a professional actor or travel writer. Or a human rights lawyer. 

Mrs Pepper
1. I am awesome at going for long walks, enjoying the quiet of the early morning, making kombucha, eating lots of vegetables and making my own clothes.
2. If I wasn’t a teacher I would probably work for people like The Osborns who spend their time sharing Jesus with millions of unreached people and seeing God confirm His Word with amazing miracles! I think they would be awesome people to hang out with and learn from!! 

Mrs Moss
1. Archery
2. Optometrist

Mrs Nunn
1. My family will tell you that I am really awesome at losing things but I think I am really good at coming up with ideas for inventions. The straw cleaner, that was mine about 12 years ago!
2. So I suppose if I wasn’t a teacher and I had some money, I’d be an inventor living out in the sticks up north or on the coast. I have also always wanted to be an actress, my students think I’d make a great one 😉

Mrs Lynn
1. Professional puzzle solver. I think that’s a real job.
2. Mugger. Covid safe mugger. Sorry for that auto-correct! It was meant to be Hugger. Covid safe Hugger with PPE.

Mr Westcott
1. I’m pretty good at backing singers up with my guitar and harmonies!
2. I’d love to be a professional guitarist/singer who specialises in doing collaborations with other artists, or a fly fishing guide based in the Snowy Mountains! 

Mr Ballantyne
1. I’d like to think I’m a really good gamesmaster! I much prefer running games to playing them. I’m also pretty good at solving puzzles and logic problems.
2. Simple. I’d be a radio announcer in a heartbeat. Preferably on a “smash hits of the 80s and 90s” station.


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