The Mighty Parkes Show!

What memories do you have of the Parkes Show growing up? Meeting up with friends, making the $20 dollars mum gave you stretch as far as possible on the rides?! Perhaps you were someone who enjoyed browsing the art entries, scanning the certificates to see who won a prize. Did you become a wool expert for a few moments as you inspected the champion merino fleece, or look longingly at the array of cakes, biscuits and slices and wish you had the same level of talent! Maybe the show was more for you about the evening entertainment of motocross madness, the farmers’ challenge or sitting on the hill watching the brilliant firework displays. If you are like me, it was probably a combination of all those things, and more! 

What an outstanding response we had to our half day holiday Parkes Show challenge. It was almost overwhelming (and very amusing) to see the photos and videos come in of staff, students and families recreating their favourite things about the show. Plants, needlework, baking, showjumping, showgirl judging and rides were just a few of the fantastic contributions we saw during the usual half day holiday. What a shame it was that the current lockdown stopped the Parkes Show from going ahead for the second year in a row. The huge response from all of you tells me a couple things, not least of which is that the Parkes Show is still a hugely popular, and important event on the town calendar. 

When I moved back to Parkes with my family nearly eight years ago, I was looking forward to my boys being part of a country community and all the great things that go with it. Taking them to the show was definitely part of that, and the dodgem cars, animal nursery and fireworks certainly didn’t disappoint! However the older I get the more I see the Parkes Show for what it really is, the chance for our whole community to come together. One thing we can’t do during times like these is underestimate the significance of being part of a community and taking the opportunity to have some fun! The Parkes show seems to capture both these underlying elements perfectly. 

I know that we are experiencing some real challenges as a community at the moment, and missing the annual show seemed to highlight people’s longing to get back to some sort of normality. Be encouraged that the season we are in won’t last forever. We may have missed another opportunity to go to the show but don’t miss the opportunity to bring some ‘show’ to your family and neighbours. Our kids need those outlets to have some fun and engage with others, and so do we! 

To the Parkes Show Society, keep charging on and thank you for all you do for our community. Here’s believing that the 2022 show will be back bigger and better than ever! Get those recipes ready Parkes, because in 2022 I’m making a charge at Champion Sponge! 

Have a great week everyone.


  • Full credit to Emma Greenland who was actually Miss Teenager in 2018, not me, as indicated in the photo
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