Who Is The Best Superhero?

On Wednesday PCS became the headquarters for a multitude of heroes from Hollywood. It was a great dress up day with so much creativity and fun bursting out of the classrooms by our students and staff. It was hard to differentiate who was having the most fun in costume. Heroes in any form save the day, defeat the enemy, stand up for what’s fair or just and generally have a quirky fun side to them as well. 

Hero stories have been told forever, there is something about super powers, courage and justice that never gets old. Having different superhuman abilities to save the day, always having the wisdom to work out the plan to succeed and win the battle to ensure good conquers at the end would be fabulous. It strikes a chord in all ages. I imagine flying on a beautiful pegasus across the sky shooting rainbows of kindness into people would be a great super power.

At PCS students learn that Jesus is the ultimate superhero. He came to save the day for all people, to defeat the enemy and to stand up for what is right and just for everyone.

PCS students learn from Jesus to stand up for good, by the way they talk to each other, act towards each other, watch out for each other and help each other, succeed not only in the classroom, but also in the playground.  

By learning about the qualities of Jesus, PCS students can be their own heroes each day by demonstrating Jesus’ love by doing what is right and just towards everyone they meet.  

So maybe PCS is the headquarters for superheroes everyday and we just dress up occasionally for fun!

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