Every Little Piece Counts!

Most people know that I have a real love of Lego. Partly because it’s a reminder of my childhood, partly because I’m still a big kid at heart, and partly because it’s just really cool (at least I think so!) But one of the main things I love about Lego these days is how much it can teach us about so many things.
The first thing is having patience and attention to detail. 
I love how systematic and logical Lego is – following instructions and seeing everything come together piece by piece is extremely satisfying.
I also love that you don’t have to follow the instructions and you can be as creative as possible. It’s really cool to see a pile of bricks become anything I can imagine!
But my favourite thing that Lego teaches us is the importance of things that may seem insignificant.
Sometimes I get really frustrated when a small piece goes missing, but all that does is emphasise just how important every piece is!
The entire model might be a huge, amazing structure, but it only comes together because of all the tiny pieces.
There are pieces that sometimes don’t seem to make sense, but once they’re in place, they all work as one.
It’s also quite amazing to see how one piece placed in the wrong spot can cause the entire model to just fall apart.
This is the same as our school.
Every single person is a vital part of our school, and without them the entire thing just wouldn’t work properly.
Just like Lego pieces, every student, staff member, volunteer and family member come together and play their own role in making our school an awesome place.
Some people may be viewed as being more important, but the truth is they can’t do anything without all the other people.
I can’t do anything in the High School without all the hardworking teachers and support staff. They can’t do anything without the students. The students can’t do anything without the support of their families, and so it goes on.
Some people may feel insignificant or out of place, but they’re not. Lego models can be built without some of the smaller pieces, but the model’s not complete and just isn’t right.
I want everyone at our school to feel important and valuable. We are all talented in our own ways, and all have something positive to contribute to our school.
You are all here for a reason and purpose, and you all are part of a bigger plan.
Now if only Lego would design a model of our school! That would be awesome!!!


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