2021 What a Year!

It is hard to believe that the end of the 2021 school year is less than two weeks away. 

When I think back to the swimming carnival at the beginning of the year with all the fun, laughter and competition that was had; the memory of it can become a little foggy as so much has occurred. Since then we’ve seen our primary students work exceedingly well whether in the classroom or at home. 

During the past week students were asked what their highlights of this school year has been. With crystal clear memories students were abuzz with recalling events.

Highlights from outside of the classroom included events such as sporting carnivals, gala days, excursions, the school musical, SRC dress up days, chalk drawing and other lunchtime competitions. As well as having visiting performers and coaches from different sporting fields.

Highlights from within the classroom included lessons in Mathematics, designing projects in Science, debating their peers in English, creating amazing pieces in Art and performing and playing instruments in Music.  

It was heartwarming to hear the students acknowledging the fun they have experienced with their class teacher, helping younger students in the playground and the delight of being with their friends again after the at home learning finished. It also brought great joy to hear new students state their highlight of the year was their first day at PCS. 

In a year that has been a little topsy turvy, reminiscing with the students is a reminder that it is the place and people that can make a year great, no matter what kind of challenges we may face. 

Thank you Primary for being the wonderful, amazing and caring students you are and filling this year with enthusiasm, fun and diligence. 

Thank you also to the fabulous Primary teachers who have worked tirelessly to provide the best learning experiences as well as imparting joy and wisdom to the students in your care.    

There’s not long to go Primary until holidays, so let’s finish the year with the delight and enthusiasm you have sustained throughout!


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