Think Creatively!

The thing I love the most about being a teacher is finding new and interesting ways to do things for learning. I also enjoy all the extra things that happen outside the classroom as well! Thinking outside the box is something we also encourage in our students and it is wonderful to spend each day with a group of creative thinkers at PCS! 

Growing up in Broken Hill we had to think creatively for ways to entertain ourselves. Our parents were Masters of Fun and always came up with one brilliant idea after another. When it was too hot to head outside we had movie days and dance parties. When they were over the mess we were causing inside, regardless of the weather, they navigated us outside to make mud pies for afternoon tea and come up with the next new and exciting game to play. A constant in our lives was dressing up. One of my favourite memories is my Mum creating several outfits for all the kids out of one roll of pale blue fabric (think cringey 80s bridesmaid dresses blue). We would fight over who got to wear what but the moment we put it on we were transformed and spent the next several hours laughing and loving life. We have such great childhood memories and when we all get together they come up often and we laugh and reminisce about all the fun we had. 

My two favourite times of the year, where creativity is a must, are the beginning of a new school year and the end of the year. (We have reached my favourite time of the year at PCS this week so if I’m walking around with a bit of extra joy in my soul, you now know why)

It is at the beginning of a year that we have made our plans, thought creatively about how we can engage our students, created some fun units, and added in all our extra things that makes PCS a wonderful place to be. And of course, we’ve organised a dress up or two. High School gets to start the new year early and the new beginning makes the end of the year really purposeful. It’s also the end of 2021 and we get to look back and reflect on the ride we’ve had. I’m always amazed when we sit down to look through videos and photos for our end of year events just how much we get to do in one year at our school. We can see the culmination of hours and hours of work, many prayers, and what feels like thousands of meetings. We can celebrate achievements of goals, amazing classroom learning, that one student who finally grasped a concept or skill they have been working on all year, the university acceptance letter, the job offer, and the prize for best dressed! 

Beginnings and endings allow us to reflect and refocus on what is important. Jesus was a creative thinker in his time here with us. He pushed back against religious people who had forgotten to love others. He asked people to follow him by handing away the things they held dear. He told stories and painted a picture that made others see themselves differently. Creative thinking has always been needed in schools but no more than the last two years. It is a joy to spend time coming up with new and interesting ways to help our students build a relationship with God and thrive at PCS and beyond!


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