To Infinity and Beyond!

Schools are designed to ensure students have the tools they need to survive. We spend thirteen years building on skills to read, write and count, as well as think, create, appreciate, design, analyse and so much more. A lot of the academic stuff happens in the classroom with teachers passing on their knowledge and experience through carefully designed lessons. But we know academics are not the only tools students need to survive beyond the school environment. We want adults who are also problem solvers, who show leadership skills, display compassion and empathy, build and maintain relationships and so much more! Whilst these are an important part of the curriculum in day to day classes, there is nothing like getting out of our seats and embracing the real world. 

This is where excursions and events come into play. Right now I have the pleasure of hanging out with a bunch of truely amazing teenagers on an excursion at The Tops Conference Centre in Stanwell Tops. We have only been here a day and already I have witnessed the joy that excursions bring, fears being overcome and students pushing themselves out of their comfort zone. We’ve had laughs and a few scrapes as well as building on those important lessons that come from just doing life with other people. Whilst I stood alone at the 6am bootcamp session listening to the snores of students coming from their bedroom windows, they were the snores of students who had given it their all the day before. Quite a few times our hosts running the activities have said how great our students are and that obviously they are country kids – willing to give anything a go!

Let’s pray that this year is a year that we can create memories for our students and give them lasting lessons both inside and outside the classroom that set them up for success in the future. Whatever that future looks like!


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