Easter and Trips on a Bus!

Well Term 1 is almost complete and what a big term it has been. The first day of school way back in January seems like such a long time ago! We’ve had new facilities opened, excursions, carnivals, representative sports, Welcome BBQ’s MADD Night and on the list goes. Let’s not forget Kindy who have now completed a whole term of school, including a super Kindy Assembly a few weeks back. I think all of us, parents included, are ready for a well earned break over the Easter holidays. 

At the end of term I usually get a little reflective when thinking back over all that’s happened. As I sit here writing this article, I can’t help but be filled with a sense of gratitude for our school community and our students in particular. I’ve taught in plenty of schools (and I may be biased), but I think the PCS students are the nicest bunch of school kids in Australia. It is no wonder that when excursions come around, there is no shortage of staff willing to put their hand up to go on a trip away with the students, myself included!

The reason I love going on excursions so much is because there is no greater way to get to know students and for them to get to know you. Throw in some bus driving (which may be another secret love of mine), and you’re in for a great couple of days! Between the music, singing and happy chatter of students, I genuinely find those times one of life’s simple pleasures, and something for which I am so grateful. What are you grateful for? 

As we draw near to Easter and spend time in the Easter story, I am again filled with a profound sense of gratitude. It is hard to believe that Jesus, the son of God, would come and die a cruel death on a cross for you and me. The significance of this event is unparalleled to any other in history. Easter is the moment where a universe creating God would demonstrate the enormity of His love for us through offering His own Son as a sacrifice, so that we might be saved. 

God sees me and you as unique, valuable and precious to Him. There is nothing you can do to make God love you more and nothing to make Him love you less. There is now a great purpose attached to our lives through what Jesus did on the cross. That should leave all of us humbled, grateful and filled with hope. 

As we head towards Easter, use this time to stop and think what it is you are grateful for. Between family, friends, handball and trips on a bus, I’m feeling pretty grateful about now, and I hope you are too. 

Happy Easter everyone, and see you in Term 2. 


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