Oh What a Night!

This week we held our annual High School Expo and once again it was a wonderful event. As the High School Coordinator, it makes me extremely proud to see all the staff and students displaying amazing work samples and interacting with the public.

The format of the night was suggested by Mr Quince when he first arrived at the school, and it’s one of the best things we have done.

From the get go, he emphasised that the event had to be all about the students talking to people about our school – and that’s exactly what happens.

All the details about the night are in another article, and there are also some great interviews from the evening on this week’s podcast.

A couple of our Multimedia students, Marcus Moss and Chloe Amery, recorded the interviews and they did a great job.
For the first time ever, I was interviewed and asked about what I hope to achieve as High School Coordinator.

I mentioned that I was one of those weird kids who really enjoyed school. I loved learning, exploring new ideas, spending time with my friends, playing sport and performing in shows. I even enjoyed being taught by my Mum!

Throughout my time in my role I have strived to ensure that all the students enjoy school as much as I did.
I know that I haven’t always been successful but I genuinely hope that students have a good time at our school.
I know sometimes we seem to do event after event, and sometimes parents cheekily ask “So when do you actually do normal lessons?” but I am so passionate that school is about so much more than simple classroom learning.

That is an absolutely vital part of what we do, but just as important is that kids feel safe, happy and can enjoy their time at school.

Nights like the High School Expo make all of the high school staff proud of our school and our students – but for me, I feel that way every single day. We have wonderful students, wonderful staff and a wonderful school community. And don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!


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