Extraordinary Journey with Books!

This week Year 1 Hawks flew into the Parkes Shire Library to explore the books and see the Waste to Art display. Our students had an amazing time searching for the perfect book to borrow and used their time to sit and read quietly. 

Books are amazing; they can take the reader on an extraordinary journey through a mythical land or on an exploration, teach you how to cook, create or construct an invention. Within the pages of a book your thoughts can be expanded by new facts and information about a person, place or idea. 

Books show the reader different possibilities not only of those who have accomplished great tasks but through reading, people can be challenged to do something they may have never thought of doing before. Books are new doors to open; and once opened the reader is changed forever by the content. 

The Bible is a book that has changed my life forever. Each day at PCS, through devotions or chapel, students explore the Bible’s content. From seeing the life, love and forgiveness of Jesus, students have knowledge to consider how it may affect their future. 

Year 1 Hawks are at the beginning of their reading journey, their books are filled with pictures and simple texts. However the adventures they go on are real in their minds and are evident in their play outside, their expanding vocabulary and the class discussions regarding the characters actions or author’s intent.  

God’s intent as the author of the Bible, is for every reader to know how unique, made for a purpose and loved they are. That information has changed my life and so many others who have taken the time to read its contents.  

So whether you like to dive into a mystery, adventure, non fiction or comic enjoy the possibilities that unfold from the content you will now know.

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