Another Wonderful Show!

There are many times that I feel very privileged to be a teacher at PCS. We work within such a great school community, and it is truly a pleasure to go to work most days.

This week, I have spent an awful lot of time in the hall, behind a sound desk as the final touches were put on Wendy and Peter Pan. Last night, we had the opening performance, and it was a fantastic show.

It is a real privilege to see the students get up on the stage and perform together.

The amount of sheer hard work they put into every performance is amazing. They have to sacrifice time with their family and friends, and be totally committed to the show. Some of them have a staggering amount of lines to learn, and then have to deliver their lines with genuine emotion and feeling.

This is a challenge that is beyond many adults – yet we have a seemingly endless number of kids who can get up and do this on stage.

Of course, it can’t come together without a director, and Miss Katrina Harris has done another great job with this show.
I know how much work goes into directing a show (having done it many times myself) and Katrina deserves plenty of credit for what she has achieved with this cast.

But what I really love about shows is the way they bring so many different people together.

The cast involves students from Kindy through to Year 12. There are students thrust together on stage who have rarely spoken to each other, but become firm friends through their shared experience of being in a show together.

The technical area is a hive of activity in the final week, and we have a ball doing sound, lights, special effects and backstage jobs. Mr Westcott has even learned how to flick the hall lights on and off!

Teachers and parents help in the kitchen, supervise younger students, make costumes, do hair and make-up, take photos and videos of the performance, build amazing sets, and many other jobs.

It’s just a great vibe to be part of. Sport brings people together, but in my opinion, theatre does it way better!

I have a new role in the school now, and I’m very hopeful that I will also be able to get more involved in the performing arts in our school and maybe even get back into directing!

So watch this space! Who knows what wonderful new shows and experiences might be coming in the future as our school – and number of talented students – grows. 


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