Nothing is Impossible!

This week has clearly been a very different one for the Parkes community.

I have lived around the Kelly Road area for many years, having grown up there and now owning a house of my own on the street.

A number of times I have scoffed at people who asked if we might get flooded, or what would happen if the creek got up over the bridge into town.
“If we get flooded here in Parkes, then there’s going to be huge problems for everyone else,” I would say.

As it turns out, I was completely wrong and right at the same time.

I never thought it would be possible for any house in Parkes to get flooded – but I was wrong. Unfortunately I was right about the huge problems from people in places like Eugowra, Condobolin and Forbes.

Many of my neighbours were not as lucky as we were and have major clean up jobs in front of them that will last weeks, or possibly months. But all of us have our homes, businesses and loved ones intact.

The thoughts and prayers of our entire school community go out to those people who have not been as fortunate. A large portion of our students come from the Forbes area, and I am amazed at their resilience.

I hope I don’t come across the wrong way, but I have been trying to find some sort of positive out of the entire flooding situation.

The obvious one is the way that people come together and help each other. It was humbling to be part of the big clean up around Kelly Road on Tuesday that was coordinated by one of our school’s parents – Dooley Thomson.

Staff member Shannon McCutcheon also did a wonderful job looking after people throughout the area, especially on Lighthorse Place.

My youngest daughter asked me why God lets bad things like floods happen.
The only answer I managed to give was that for my entire life I had always thought it was impossible for Kelly Road to get flooded, but God reminded me that nothing is impossible.

For everyone out there who is really suffering at the moment, that’s the one encouragement I would like to give you – with God, nothing is impossible


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