You Learn Something New Everyday!

This year I have become the PCS librarian, which I like to rename as ‘the hostesses of the books’ in the PCS library with Mrs Ballantyne. 

I love to read and learn new information or go on adventures through the pages of a book. However being the hostess also comes with learning a lot of computer programs and network procedures, something that is very unfamiliar to me and a little scary.

Each day I’m learning new things and my mind expands (sometimes also hurts). However, learning new things is easy when you are surrounded by supportive and encouraging people, step by step processes and repeated practice to take those learning risks in a safe environment.  
Thanks to Mrs Ballantyne and Miss Barrass, learning new things in the library has been fun and enjoyable. They are fabulous teachers.

It has reminded me that many students may be feeling the same way after entering a new grade and beginning to learn new things in class. However, just like in the library, classroom teachers are there to support and encourage the students’ learning, give step by step processes to follow and many repeated examples to practice these new skills through the teaching practice of EDI. 

Together teachers and students create a fun and enjoyable learning environment where taking educational risks feels safe and not so scary. 

It also reminds me of how Jesus used the same model of walking beside people, encouraging them, showing them step by step through His actions and lots of practice to learn how to love God and love others. 

At PCS students are not the only ones learning something new each day, but together in the positive PCS culture and safe learning environment we can all take learning risks!


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