Once Upon a Time…

Storytelling is something that we do often at school. As a staff we tell stories over the lunchroom table of our adventures in holidays and our wins and losses. As teachers we tell stories to help students learn new concepts and make our lessons engaging. Our students tell stories of their lives even when we don’t need to hear them. I’m sure, at home, parents are telling stories to their children to help teach them a lesson or two as well. Storytelling happens daily and with purpose. 

This year has started in a really positive way and that is something that has been done with purpose because we know that the start matters. From the work we are doing with our new Year 7 students to help them learn about how we do things at PCS to our themes of Hope and Joy being explored in English; from simplifying learning in Mathematics to doing bigger experiments in Science; building more skills in PE and more direction around assessments, we are trying to create a great beginning to the beautifully simple story of 2023. 

One of my highlights so far has been seeing students step up into helping to tell our story. They are very keen to lead, be a part of planning and running events and helping to set culture. Everyone should be encouraged to hear that students are increasingly taking more ownership over their learning and experiences happening at school. They are building their character and responding to our plans in positive ways. They are a great bunch to be around every day! 

Jesus is the ultimate storyteller and in High School Chapel this term we are all about Jesus’s storytelling. With a goal of exploring the ‘Beautiful Simplicity of the Gospel’ this year at PCS; our students are learning about the many parables that Jesus spoke to teach the disciples and people around him how to live. Through Chapel we are hoping that students will have a positive experience and be able to ask questions and wrestle with tough or new ideas about Jesus and the Bible.

Most importantly, through this amazing story, we want them to walk away knowing that they are valuable young men and women who have a purpose. We want them to grow and develop their own stories and it is wonderful to be a small part of that. 


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