Life is a Journey

Everyone’s journey is different. We all follow different paths through life and that is what makes life so interesting! 

My journey through PCS has been an interesting one! I started in the Primary School in 2015, teaching Year 5 alongside Mr Westcott in Year 6. In 2017, I moved to Year 3 teaching alongside Mrs Naqau for 2 years. I was then given the opportunity to move to the Library where I was for the next 4 years. 

In all of these changes, new and exciting opportunities presented themselves. I helped introduce Chromebooks and Google to PCS, I helped Mr Wynstra start the Agriculture programs that now run efficiently in many year levels, I taught Year 11 and Year 12 Agriculture for the first time last year, and now I am completely immersed in the High School by being the Agriculture/Geography teacher and the Year 7 Coordinator. 

Jesus had many journeys in his life starting with the very first one before he was born. His parents rode a donkey from Nazareth to Bethlehem and so his first journey was long and difficult. He suffered trials throughout his life and travelled all over meeting and greeting people. His journeys were not always easy but he took them in his stride and did what he had to do. His final journey we all know so well. Jesus carried His cross, for His people, to Golgotha where he was nailed to it and died for everyone. 

It is because of Jesus final journey that we have what we have today. His final act was for His people. His journey meant that we can each have a journey of our own. 

My journey at PCS has not been a simple or straightforward one, however all of these changes have meant that I have grown in knowledge, grown in confidence and, most importantly, grown in faith! My journey has allowed me to see the positive in everything and as the Year 7 Coordinator I hope to be able to show the students and families of PCS that, like Jesus did, we should take everything in our stride and find the good in every day. 

Have a great week and remember to find the positive in every day!


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