Happy Easter PCS!

Last week I had the absolute pleasure of taking a week of long service leave and camping on Fraser Island. I’ve always wanted to visit the island and it didn’t disappoint. We had amazing weather and really got to enjoy all the island had to offer, from dingoes, rainforest, lakes, beaches, 4WD trails and great fishing! It didn’t take long to realise why it is such a popular tourist destination. 

One of the best features of the island is the lack of phone service. Not having an active device felt a little strange at first, but I think it was one of the reasons I was able to quickly switch off and enjoy time with friends and family without some of the usual distractions. I quickly realised just how much ‘noise’ can be happening without even realising it. 

In our Easter service we heard the story of Jesus’ betrayal, crucifixion and resurrection straight from the book of John. Like many of you, I’ve read the words many times before, and still grapple with the weight and significance of what transpired on Good Friday. One thing that stood out to me afresh this time around was the manner in which Jesus was purposeful in blocking out distractions or ‘noise’ in order to stay true to God’s plan. In Mark 8 we read how Peter reprimands Jesus for talking about his impending death. Jesus responds by rebuking Peter and telling him he is only seeing man’s point of view and not God’s. 

How easy it would have been for Jesus to listen to those closest to him here on earth and drift from God’s plan and perspective. I cannot begin to imagine just how much willpower it took Jesus to stay true to what he knew had to be done, and not fall into fear, anxiety and ultimately miss God’s plan for humanity. We see Jesus spend intense times of prayer with his heavenly Father in order to maintain his heavenly perspective and not that of man. 

As I read the gospel message afresh this Easter, I am reminded that being purposeful in spending time with God, hearing his voice and limiting the distractions or noise we allow into our lives is key in maintaining a heavenly perspective in our own lives. This can be easy when holidaying on an island, but much harder in the day to day business of life. 

Wherever you find yourself this Easter, I hope and pray that as you find time to minimise the noise in your own lives, you are reminded of just how loved and valuable you are. I know it’s true because of what Jesus did on the cross for all of us. The invitation to know God for yourself has been made possible through the cross, and the invitation still stands!

Thank you for all your support of PCS in Term 1. Praying for a safe, happy and restful Easter and holiday period for all of our families. If you struggle to get in contact with me next term, I may have disappeared back up to Fraser! 

Happy Easter PCS.


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