A Foolproof Plan!

I have many memories of my late dad. Among all the happy memories, there are a few particular funny ones that stand out, although they were not always funny at the time! It always amazed me at how my parents seemed to know what was going through my mind before a word was said or action was done. It was like they had some secret script outlining all my thought processes that they would then use to squash all my mischievous plans before they had even begun!

Lollies weren’t a regular feature in my house growing up. They were usually reserved for birthdays or other special occasions. On one such special occasion, I remember watching my dad put a container of leftover lollies away, right on the top shelf of the kitchen cupboard. It wasn’t long before my sister, who had also seen this key move, dragged me aside to outline her foolproof plan to get the lollies. 

My sister and I shared a room at the time with her being on a bottom bunk and me on the top. Her plan was to wait until mum and dad were asleep, and then for me to sneak out, tip toe across the kitchen floor, climb like a cat up the pantry shelves, grab the lollies, sneak back to the bedroom where she would be waiting to feast like kings! In hindsight I should have questioned why I was the designated cat burglar, but as a typical younger sibling, I had little choice but to go along with the plan. 

Everyone was in bed, lights were out and I was convinced that mum and dad were asleep. In my mind it was go time! My sister disagreed and pleaded with me to wait, but it was too late. The taste of sweet sugary lollies was too powerful and I set off. Everything went perfectly! I was stealthy and skillful. Like a highly trained spy, I was executing the mission with all the moves of James Bond at his best. But then I heard the noise…. The noise no little boy wants to hear as he is clinging to the top shelf of the pantry with a tub of lollies in hand, heavy footsteps running down the hallway, not walking, running! Realising that there was very little chance that my dad had just decided to go for a random midnight run around the house, I quickly came to the horrifying conclusion that the gig was up. I was busted.

Like an olympic sprinter, I remember making it back to my bed first, but it did little to appease my dad who knew exactly what was going on. Whilst dad was ‘convincing’ me that it wasn’t worth trying such a stunt ever again, all I can remember hearing was the sound of my sister, fake snoring in the bunk below…. We laugh hard now, but what a moment! How did he know?! It was like he knew me better than I knew myself! My sister still reminds me of how she told me to wait! 

As a parent I seem to have gained some of those superpowers that can anticipate my boys’ moves before they are even made. It’s actually easy, all I need to think is what I would be doing in that same situation if I was their age again! As much as we know our own children, it is insignificant in comparison to how much our God knows each of us. 

Over this term we are going to be learning Psalm 139:1-18 as one big memory verse. This particular Psalm is one of my favourites and so important for young people especially to learn. It speaks so beautifully of how intimately our God knows us. From before we were born, to all our thoughts and, our God knows everything about us. What is even more incredible, is how precious his thoughts about us are. They even outnumber the grains of sand.

Can I invite you this term to learn this memory verse with us. Speak it out over yourself and your families and know you are made for a purpose by a God who knows us better than we know ourselves, and even better than our parents know us, especially when there are lollies hiding in the cupboard! 

Have a great week PCS


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