Goodbyes and Future Plans!

Goodbye Year 12
And just like that, another term has come to an end. Maybe it’s because I am getting older, but the days and weeks just seem to go by faster and faster! For so many reasons I would love for things to slow down, not least of which is the fact that here we are again saying goodbye to another amazing Year 12 class.

Amongst the end of Year 12 festivities; amazing races, dress ups, discos, day trips, breakfasts and assemblies, the significance of saying goodbye to this year group is not lost on me. 13 years of schooling has come to an end, but more than that, losing students who have invested so heavily in helping form the positive student culture, gives us cause to stop and reflect not only on what students have received, but what they have given the school in return. I have many fond memories of this class, from school excursions to my farm (including some pretty impressive car bogging!), Jorja’s horse eating my pizza and going into rodeo mode when I attempted to ride him at the disco, Blake and William playing many memorable roles in school plays, including the famous ‘ARIEL’ scream that will go down in PCS folklore, amazing musical performances, PE and Modern History lessons, and outstanding captaincy with Luke and Ashlee. You will be so missed.

I have no doubt that your various pathways from here will be as varied as they will be interesting, but on behalf of the school staff and broader community, we say congratulations, all the very best and pray God’s richest blessing over you as they go. May you never forget how valuable you are to Christ, what He has done for you, and how He wants you to view yourself. 

Building Update
Whilst we are yet to start construction on our new High School building, we have started construction on a smaller project as an interim measure to ease rooming pressure in 2024. We are currently building 4 transportable classrooms on the western side of the COLA that are set to be completed by Week 6 of next term. These classrooms will be used throughout the next 2 building phases in accordance with the PCS Masterplan (on display around the school), but will be removed at a later date. It is exciting to see continued student growth across the school with many classes already at capacity, including 2024 Kindergarten and Year 7 classes. 

Student Numbers 2024
I am pleased to announce that Kindergarten in 2024 will be made up of 2 classes. After much planning and modeling, a second class has been added to cater for new families wanting to join our school. With both classes already at capacity, families looking at Kindergarten enrolments in the coming years should not delay. 2 Kindergarten classes will be in place moving forward each year, which will effectively see our Primary School double over the next 7 years. I will point out that Year 7 numbers will remain the same at a maximum of 50 students per year, even when our Primary School is a full double stream. This will mean very limited places for students wanting to join our High School in the years ahead who have not come through our Primary School. In preserving the positive, caring, Christ-centered culture that currently exists, I see this shift as an extremely important shift.

My commitment and that of the PCS staff to providing the best possible opportunities for our students, in an environment where each child is known and valued is unwavering. I am so excited by our shared future and can’t wait to be a part of it. With that said, it’s time for a break for all our staff and students, and I pray a safe, happy and memorable time for all of you until we see you in Term 4!

Have a great holiday PCS!


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