Year 12 Final Week

Monday – Dress as a Teacher and The Amazing Race
On Monday the Year 12 students dressed up as staff members and took part in The Amazing Race where we had our 6th annual (apart from one year during Covid) Amazing Race. Students had to complete all sorts of weird and wonderful activities and challenges from being held like a baby by a parent, doing a secret handshake with Mr Westcott, belly flopping in a pool and giving flowers to a stranger.
It was a great afternoon of fun and then Mitchell and Marcus from Year 12 cooked an amazing dinner.
Well done to the winning team – Most Wonderful Time of the Year!!!

Tuesday – Dress in Primary Uniform
On Tuesday our Year 12 students went all the way back to where it began! They dressed in their primary uniforms and even spent some time in the Kindy room being eager students and using their whiteboards (while somehow being able to fit on the tiny chairs!)

Wednesday – Magical Mystery Tour
Wednesday was the Year 12s annual day trip and this year we went to Dubvegas!!! The students had a great time at the Escape Room and Ten Pin Bowling, and also enjoyed a fantastic lunch at The Shire Steakhouse. Our principal Mr Westcott may have won bowling again, but he also drove the bus and paid for everyone’s lunch! It was a cracker of a day and we even got a bit of secret shopping done! 

Thursday – Staff Morning Tea, Anything but a School Bag, MUM Time and Disco!
What a day!!! After coming to school to find some awesome and very amusing pranks played on the teachers, our Year 12 class put on morning tea for the staff, then received letters and gifts from the teachers and students, hosted Anything But a School Bag (well done Blake for winning!) and then had the best farewell disco we’ve had! 

Students also had MUM Time which is something special that was started many years ago where Year 12 have their final Bible Study and reminder of the great love that Jesus has for them and the wonderful impact they can have on the world. This time is celebrated with letters written by students, staff and their families to encourage them into their exams and life beyond school.

Friday – Family Breakfast BBQ and Farewell Assembly
The Year 12s have left the building. After a fantastic BBQ breakfast with their families, the Year 12s had their final assembly this morning.
There was laughter and tears, talent shows, videos and heartfelt messages. It was a great way to say farewell, and then they had their traditional photos in Cooke Park.
We love you guys and look forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks for your first HSC exams.

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