Bolts Out Of The Ground! 

A very warm welcome back to another term at PCS!

If you have been driving into the school this term, you would have noticed some significant progress with our building project. In case you have missed all past communications, we are currently building a new High School facility with 7 big beautiful classrooms, senior kitchen facilities, visual arts and multimedia studios, huge courtyard and even a new 100 space car park across the front of the school with new entry and exit points. How exciting it was to see trucks, cranes, frames and a host of other material appear almost overnight! Although there is plenty of work still to be done, it’s great to see the foundation work complete and the work above the surface begin. From planning to construction, so much has happened just to see concrete and bolts sticking out of ground, but oh how important those bolts and concrete are. 

As someone who has been involved in this project from its earliest inception, the importance of a firm foundation is a metaphor not lost on me. If anything, being involved in a few building programs now has only reinforced the concept. From education, fitness, learning to drive, learning an instrument, and even learning how to be a man, analogies around solid foundations for success are endless. 

The question I want to ask today is are we aware of the role we all play in setting a firm foundation for our children and students? To be clear, I don’t just mean in learning to read or understanding sun safety; I’m more referring to the day to day interactions we have as parents, friends and staff members that shape the worldview of our children. Our worldview is simply the way each of us view the world and our place in it, and all of us have one whether we realise it or not!

I believe that each one of our students and children are made by God for a purpose. While there may be unplanned pregnancies, I believe there are no unplanned lives with God. I believe that God has given each of us gifts and abilities that are there to excite and inspire us, to develop and ultimately share with others, and bring joy and happiness in the process. Most importantly, I believe that God calls each of us to live a life of purpose by seeking to meet the needs of others, no matter how great or small. I believe that when we do this we give glory to God, fulfill his ultimate purpose for humanity, and gain a great sense of self worth in the process!

Each interaction we have with our children/students, helps establish their worldview. Can I encourage all of us this week to speak life into our little ones and each other, to affirm that they are valued and loved, to ensure they know that meeting the needs of others will always leave them feeling good about themselves? In doing this, all of us are helping set a foundation from which the most beautiful lives can emerge over time. 

As we see the cranes in action over the next few weeks, let’s constantly be reminded of the role we all play in setting solid foundations for our precious young people. Let’s get the bolts out of the ground done right, and just watch what happens! 

Have a great week PCS and thank you again for the amazing partnership we all share through education. 


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