Introducing the new SRC

Hello there Parkes Christian School!

The SRC Committee would like to thank all the students that have filled out the Survey sent out earlier this week. From these responses, we will make a plan for fundraising and school improvement. One of the things we would like to see is a speaker system for the school with research being currently underway to look at our options here. We want to play music from the speakers during recess and lunch. This idea was formulated in our planning meetings during the Leadership Summit in Wollongong and hearing great music playing when we arrived at Cedars Christian College. Music seems to change the atmosphere and having experienced this, we want to bring it into our school. If we can get speaker systems to put around the school it will also be useful for teacher announcements during class or for teachers to announce things in the playground, for example, if Miss Harris was having a sale on ice blocks and wanted everyone to know, she could use this.

Another thing we learned at the Leadership Summit is the importance of White Space which is taking time out of our busy schedules to allow room for creativity and great ideas. The SRC wants to introduce more White Space at Parkes Christian School as well as making people feel included. With this in mind, we know how important getting out and enjoying time together at lunch is, so on Wednesdays SRC students will be encouraging everyone to join in some sport on the oval. We would love to see everyone joining in and having fun together. We will also have some activities set up in the library if you aren’t as excited about sport as others.

If any students have any ideas to improve the school; or have any good ideas for fundraising activities let the SRC members know as your opinions are valuable.

Thank you from the SRC.

Written by Mitchell and Ally

You have already got to know our Senior SRC members and you will get to know the rest of us over the next couple of weeks.

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