Primary Captains


The Mighty Parkes Show!

What memories do you have of the Parkes Show growing up? Meeting up with friends, making the $20 dollars mum gave you stretch as far as possible on the rides?! Perhaps you were someone who enjoyed browsing the art entries,…

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Look at us now!

Last week Kindergarten hosted the Primary assembly, presenting a play, playing a number game, explaining what they have learnt in both Science and Geography and showing their art work in a parade. Watching each of the Kindergarten students speak into…

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The Goldilocks Principle

Throughout my years teaching senior students I have often talked to them about “The Goldilocks Principle”. I’m sure someone much smarter and wiser than myself thought it up many years ago, but it just popped into my head when I…

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Anzac Day March-61

One School

Most of my teaching has been in Sydney schools; within these schools a clear distinction was formed between the Infants department and the Primary department or the Primary School and the High School. PCS is one school from Kindergarten to…

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Growth and Development!

Welcome back to Term 2 PCS! It was great to have the students back with smiling faces ready for a great first week of school. In the midst of a new term we had another eight new students start across…

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Happy Easter PCS!

I have very distinct memories of Easter as a child. Church services, fish on Good Friday, school holidays and trying to ration easter eggs out to make them last longer than my sister and brothers’ eggs. Egg rationing was a…

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Student Studying Sleeping on Books, Tired Girl Read Book, Library

Papering over the Cracks!

We have recently moved into a house on the road that I loved when I was a kid. This is not something I ever expected to do, or even wanted to do, but it’s been a really great experience so…

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